Why? is a synopsis about why a DJ is especially important, a one stop resource to find out all you need to, the proof that exists to then create judgement on the matter. Look no further here is our story with Addison Groove, and it may tempt you, it may steer you away.

Michael Benz

Addison Groove changed my trajectory. In 2014 I was invited to be apart of the media team that captured the festival, in a new relationship, I took this fruitful opportunity not knowing the ripples that lay in front of me. All of these situations that I photograph, I try and have a very solo, ire-served opinion on what happens during my hours of coverage, sometimes going in completely blind to remove all the clouds of judgement.

Friday night at the Radio Stage I was faced with the infamous Headhunter. I knew of him before this but he tended to lay in the shadows of the press until recently, the fist three tracks I was immediately brought back to hearing my first Tempa record, and it was astounding, not expecting this calibre of Dubstep at a festival that was so forward thinking, I had the judgement that it was forever left behind. But it wasn't, on this Friday evening, beside my best friend Lorne, it existed. It blew us away, his selection, his poise and attitude set a serious tone in that hour experience. 

Sunday night, main stage, we were faced with the same man, but with a different approach, in the boundary breaking sounds of footwork, jungle and booty infused music. The energy was unmatched. This was one of my first experiences listening to footwork. Very eye opening to a flavour I didn't know existed. Inspiring a craving for that sound and tone to be brought to Calgary.  



Addison groove / headhunter is a personal friend and one of my all time favorite producers. I first met him when I singed one of his first ever tracks to Tempa using the name Headhunter. The track was called "Decent " I then went on to have a great friendship and working relation ship with him, and released amazing music as well as his debut album "Transistor Rhythm" on Tempa. His sound is unique and the quality of his engineering is always some of the best. He is a very talented and creative person. One of the best!

Doctor Jeep

Addison Groove is important because he opened many producers/DJs in the UK bass world to the sounds of Chicago Juke music through his mixes and productions, which sparked a revitalization of both oldskool jungle sounds and halftime DnB by combining those genres with 160bpm American urban music.

Kidd Drunkadelic of Lifted Contingency

Addison Groove's work as a DJ and a musical innovator is the product of every underground dance scene that achieved international recognition by doing two things - remaining original and being authentic.






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