For the past 20 years 403DNB have curated Fright Night and has beckoned toward the upper echelon of misfit. And this year was no exception. With the well-curated sounds 403DNB & the Noctilux Collective are celebrated for: I knew tonight was going to be a special one; particularly since it was my first time playing on a proper PK rig. With a couple surprises in store, I peeled into my banana costume & hit the stage to warm-up the basement. I wasn’t disappointed with the amount of creatures who came to greet me in the darkness right at the start of the night. I achieved my goal of playing out some of my favorite guttural, shuffly bits by artists like: Joy Orbison, Paleman & Boddika. I ramped up the vibe with a little low-end jackin’ jams to round out my set. As my last selection rang out; the tiny bicycle in my bag screeched out at me. It was time to join the horde.


I hopped outside to catch up with the fam for a smoke, before the real Winston himself: HUSKIE hit his stride. With forthcoming releases on Philthtrax and a few 160 heaters I had only so far heard in my car, I knew I had to be quick. I wasn’t surprised to see 10th ave littered with madness. Clown cars to the left of me, jokers to the right. (Sixteen Harley Quinn's & Wednesday Addams’ who looked to either be nefariously conspiring their next move, or shooting fuzzy dice for “candy” down the block, I couldn’t be sure.) With the HIFI club hosting some choice Basscoast talent such as Max Ulis & Isis Graham, two things were for certain: Calgary knows what’s up with emerging bass music, and this was the street to be on if you wanted your weird cosplay for the night to be complimented by a challenge on the dance-floor.

Pro tip: banana costumes have a built-in dick just the size of your arm.

When I went back downstairs, I was greeted to a smell I must have otherwise disregarded on stage: old weighty slabs of literature. (if you haven’t ever been to Nite Owl, the walls downstairs are all bookshelves). HUSKIE’s sound has taken sort of a turn as of late. Garnering inspiration from styles of deep dubstep & juke; Stevie’s classical training & keen sense of melody offer a highly accessible sound. With a lot of the minimal flavor I tend to gravitate towards in those genres. A little fish swim to the front-left to join the other zombies when I noticed the stacks were off. It turns out the surge blew and my Noctilux fam was already working on getting the shake in the floor back. Right as the bins spat up, HUSKIE’s bootleg of poetic justice drops as MC Loki rhymes something about your mom being your dad. (kids these days) Keep an eye out for that track. It’s got some serious weight.

I popped upstairs to chase a friend, and the vibe was high energy as always. Big Worm was ready to hit the stage but I couldn’t resist the allure of the shadows in the deep end. With the third volume of the Noctilux Collective release right around the corner, I had to stick around to see what other weapons my boys downstairs had to test out. Wolf Camo looked like tom cruise in Top Gun decided to stop flying planes and join the covenant as a nun. Doling out strict 140 education, Wolf Camo never disappoints. Something’s are a little funny though, Shambhala headliner & hometown hero Openend keeps coming up on stage, and he’s in a nun costume too..


The night decided to turn over as Tyler ‘Obscene’ jumps on the decks to guide the goose pimples in a more half-step variety. It’s safe to say this new love child has reached critical mass in the underground deep community & it was a treat the size of Montreal to hear some of my favorite new tunes in that realm. The first trick revealed itself with Wolf Camo taking the stage again, this time with Openend on the controls by his side. The half-step kept crushing my bones to dust and the vibe was grim, dark and dismal. But I couldn’t seem to wipe the stupid smile off my potassium enriched face. pull up after pull up. “that pesky banana!” loki exclaimed on the mic. Right around then, the sun reset itself. Another hour? No way! I fucking love the sun.


The last soundbwoi’s on the buttons were sanctuary & Illfitted. By this time in the night, everyone was so loose that the masks came off and a great big jam commenced. Hell, even daddy Benzo dropped a few tids. Old cobwebs from DMZ, Skream & Mala brought my worst nightmares to life, we were going to need a bigger shovel. The shadows disappeared as the lights came on and it was over, and also November. As I left the venue I overheard an altercation between a passer-by and a patron. “I dunno man. I’m pretty non-violent, I don’t even think I could smash a pumpkin’ goddammit I love neo-hippies.

Words by Nick Nield 'Gavelbang'

Photo + Video clips by Michael Benz

Video Shot + Cut by Levi Dumonceau


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