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A Calgary based Collective of DJ's, Producers and Graphic Artists.

The Noctilux Mix Series

Originally started in late 2013, as a way to showcase, and reach out to those around us + share their sounds to the world. Since then, we have programmed 41 installments over a year, which you would have come across in our SoundCloud. The mix series had grown very fast, over 50K listens, 5K downloads,  bringing light to the sounds of Western Canada with the rest of the world, reaching over 200 countries in the process. With the website re-design, further installments will be found here, exclusively, if you would like to take part, please reach out to us to find out more on what we would need from you and when we can include you at


056 KID-Dee

kID-Dee has been making some waves over the past year in and around Calgary, as one of the newest additions to the Come Correct sound crew this junglists’ distinct palate is lush and animated. Her diplomacy behind the decks is already garnering some serious attention from onlookers and this most recent mix she put together for us here at the Noctilux Collective is oozing with character. With some sharp selections from the likes of Skeptical, Hyroglifics, Sam Binga, Dub Phizix & others this compilation is a vision for anyone currently exploring the more minimal, spacious side of drum & bass. We decided to have a quick chat with kID-Dee about her journey that led her behind the wheels and what’s new and exciting over the summer and beyond.. 


Enter Levrige, one of the freshest sounds in our eyes out of the Canadian West Coast. Support around the globe from the likes of Ivy Lab on their debut solo EP "Diamonds" released on Auffect Recordings earlier in 2016, a strong start for a strong duo. J.F.Killah + Erski have been busy the early part of 2016 producing some new material, seven tracks are showcased in the mix they put together for us along with a strong collection of supplementary music you may be familiar with in experimental drum and bass. 



The darker shades of 4/4, diving deep into the reverberated sounds drawing connections right back to dubstep. A lot have been very enticed by this sound few play it out in our world, so we love to see this style flexed. With a flavor of sounds you could expect Youngsta to play out, this mix is pretty wild, rugged and meaty. Big up KIYTEK! 

Follow Kiytek on SoundCloud.



A rebirth has been in the works for Reece for quite sometime now. The mix is a showcase of his current sound and where my head has been the last while. Fresh starts, fresh sounds, new crew and new directions. This is the rebirth.


052 Barlee

The homie Barlee out of Vancouver brings us an impressively diverse offering of textures in this week’s mix series. Chiefly chill, with summits of stamina dispersed throughout for good measure. Exploring the ecospheres of 808, Grime, Dark Trap, Dubstep & Space Bass.



051 Half Normal

Add equal parts Sub Chakra resident Bambooloo (Kiefer) with now Edmonton based Method Sound (Joe) and you arrive at our latest contributors for this week’s mix series: Half Normal.

With a forthcoming EP (NCT011) right around the corner featuring remixes from some of the collective’s finest. It seemed fitting to have a chat introducing them and getting a feel for what’s going on below the surface.


Boys! what’s good?!

K: Happy to have this mix completed!  Been a long week of grinding it out.

J: Oh yeah. I agree with that, can't wait to make some new bits.


So, How did you first meet? What made you realize a collaborative project was worth fostering?

J: We didn't really plan on making a project until we had already made a few tunes. By that time we didn't even have a name.

K: We were both enrolled in The Ontario Institute of Audio recording Technology in 2013.  Coincidentally, we ended up living right beside each other during our year in London, Ontario.


How would you describe the Half Normal ‘sound’ compared to your solo projects?

K: It’s definitely a on more intelligent tip.  Bambooloo songs are usually trap-based and high energy.  Half Normal stuff has come to be more laid-back and intricate.  Music you can jam too, but also send to your grandma.

J: It a great outlet to explore different tempos and vibes. Having someone else in the room is good to tell you if you have gone too far off the deep end.


When you’re in the studio together, how is the workflow divided? What are your separate strengths? Did most of the EP come together in person or was it more just sending stems back and forth?

 J: Its challenging working on someone else’s computer with different plugins at your disposal. It can push you to stop reaching for the same plugin all the time.

K: We’ve tried swapping stems before, but our strongest songs were made while in the same studio.  Basically, we like to pick out a few samples or sounds that fit a vibe. Then its just kind of swapping back and forth between the two of us in the driver’s seat.  As soon as one of us slows down the other guy will jump on.  The EP has two songs on it that were made together and two that I started and sent to Joe to finish. 


Who’s making the most exciting music right now?

 K: Off the top of my head…

Om Unit.




Doctor Jeep


Really excited to hear the new Folding City project that Self Evident is a part of

Also Om Unit

J: We also get down to System of a Down every now and again.


What can you tell me about the artist’s that you’ve featured on the EP? Why did you choose them?

K: All the artists that did remixes for us are of a different flavor, but top quality producers in their own genres.  We wanted to keep the Noctilux family involved, and also wanted to reach out to some other circles we haven’t been introduced to.  Weston and Kousk filled that void nicely.  Wolf Camo and Huskie have been pushing everyone aside when it comes to the Calgary bass scene.

J: Kiefer listed off these cool folks. I nodded.


What about the mix? What was your approach to that?

K: We’ve made songs at pretty much every tempo.  Since we wanted to make our debut an all original mix, this made it a bit of a challenge to just throw all our songs in Traktor and start mixing.  We decided and ableton set was the best way to go about it.  We were able to build a sexy little sound-designed intro and pepper the mix with FX and oneshots in order to make it come across smooth and seamless.

J: Because of all the different tempos we wanted to work with we ended up settling on Ableton. And oh man, am I ever looking forward to going back to a set of decks.


Musically, what have been some of your highlights over the past year?

K: Well we don’t really have any highlights as Half Normal yet.  The mix and the following EP are our first steps, but there has been good feedback so far and a strange amount of hype built up about the mix that we didn’t exactly intend for.

Personally, joining Sub Chakra this year was a pretty big thing for me.  Its allowed me to play WAY more shows than I would have without them.

J:  My main highlight was working with Foundation Channel last year. Getting my own guest mix and a release on their Abbsinthe Versions compilation. Those guys have a great handle on the dubwise sound.


What’s the game-plan for you two in the next year? Both collectively and separately.

K: Half Normal is sitting on a pretty nice stockpile of tunes currently.  We’ll be matching them up and sending them around to different labels.  Depending on the kind of response we get I hope to be on a bit of a festival circuit next summer.

For Bambooloo I’ll just be pumping out tracks when I can.  I’ve been in contact with a few label heads about releasing a 4 or 5 track EP in the near future, but I want to space things out with Half Normal as well.

J: Im looking forward to just writing more tunes! Even doing some collaborations with other producers as Half Normal. Im moving to Calagry right away here, so it will be even easier to make time for the studio.


Any final thoughts or shoutouts?

K&J: Biggup the Illuminati.


050 Kidd drunkadelic

Bass music at its finest with a purple hue. Dustin Labbe, the man behind Boston's Lifted Contingency, grazes on many many very eclectic sounds, especially those in the 2-step + purple category. What the fuck is purple? Well purple is what some describe as very spooky sounding grime sans vocals, giving it a very hazy sound. This is the epitome of that, as an added bonus this mix contains two forthcoming cuts from Lifted Contingency from Luke Warm as well as Monotronique.
Massive ups to Dustin + Lifted Contingency for all the support, it has been a wonderful year to know you cats.



049 The Velvet separation

A mix filled with all the right bass weight. Spending his winter season focused hard on production, Liam has churned out two handfuls of tracks with a insane amount of potential. This mix gets heavy, taking some of the signature 140 swing of his dubstep selections to a collection of some very crisp drum and bass nearing the later third of the mix. Stellar mixing stringing the two feels together, listen in.

Featuring 'Haters Disappear' + 'Hellfire' along with two forthcoming tunes on the label Liquid Brilliance 'The Canyon' + 'Reliance'


DOWNLOAD the Velvet separation's MIX

The Velvet Separation Noctilux Mix Series-Cover-02.jpg

048 Preacher Please

Preacher Please, an up and comer in Calgary's vast landscape of bass focused DJ's. A mix containing notes and figures from many interesting sounds, from the worlds of Truth meets Chimpo use your imagination to fill in the blanks in between. Serious sounds to start off 2016 with this mix.



DOWNLOAD the Preacher please MIX

Photo 2016-01-11, 5 46 46 PM.png

047 Dubfitted

A collaborative project from Noctilux Collective's Illfitted x The Supreme Hustle's KR Dub. Both flexing very unique tastes in the worlds of deep dubstep and the minimal sounds of drum and bass. This mix starts you off in the deep end, leaving you off with some very newest cutting edge experimental sounds, and pulled off extremely well. This mix is the epitome of the sound Noctilux Collective is all about currently, drawing connections and presenting them to you under one roof.



DOWNLOAD the Dubfitted MIX

Dubfitted | Noctilux Mix Series | Background-09.jpg

046 Cosmonaut

Have you heard the story of the Cosmonaut? Hes the first man to go into space, the Russians beat the Americans. So he goes up in this big spaceship, and the only habitable part of it is very small, so the Cosmonaut is in there, and he has this portal window and he is looking out of it. He sees the curvature of the earth, for the first time, the first man to look at the planet he is from, and he is lost in that moment. All of the sudden, this strange ticking is coming out of the dashboard. Rips out the controlpanel, gets out his tools, and tries to find the source of this sound, but he cant find it, he cant stop it, he keeps going. A few hours into this, it begins to feel like torture, a few days into this he feels that this small sound could break him. What is he going to do? Hes alone in space in this closet, 25 days to go with this sound, so the Cosmonaut decides the only way to deal with this insanity, is to fall in love with this sound.

This is that sound.

DOWNLOAD Cosmonaut's MIX



Producer/DJ/Violinist and all around music fanatic coming out of Toronto, Canada. Making Drum & Bass that feeds the soul. Some very interesting textures happening in this mix. Very deep and spacial, Doug also has some wonderful taste in minimal Drum & Bass exploring many very choice selections in that scale. A nice bite sized 30 minutes designed to get you out of your own mind, this one is seriously good Doug. 



Vancouver based Myles Away, one of the many out on the cost pushing the exact sound that we love, deep bass as a generalization. This mix focuses on the sound that is drum and bass, in its evolved form today. 85BPM specifically is a wonderful mesh of feeling, drawing elements from all over the world, some of the most influential players in the game to us are included in this mix. This starts a connection with Vancouver we are happy to have, big up Myles, we will see you soon, I promise.




Jamie Tulloch, born in Manchester, England, is a multi-faceted taste-maker in Calgary's bass music community. Finding himself starting with dubstep, in the past year he has been diving into some very interesting textures among the new forms of Drum and Bass. His DJ sets, and productions range from 70-80-85BPM sections very cohesive, and deep. In 2015 we pushed out his debut release with Wolf Camo titled Laid Off EP, a creation of drum and bass meets deep dubstep for the modern day. Sanctuary remains to continue pushing his sound, with a promising remainder of 2015, he will be entering 2016 with more releases (some included in this mix), DJ sets at our parties, while remaining boundary breaking.





Ghisha Sound in the Noctilux Mix Series. Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta where pushing the dubstep sound with his crew Dub Kontrolla, a dedicated group to the sounds of underground UK influenced sound-system music. He has been following this style of music for an upward of 7 years and a great addition to our extended family in the YEG camp. Big up!