KID-DEE interview

Courtesy of Nick Nield. 

Danielle! Great mix, What’s good?! Could you Introduce yourself, who are you and what do you do?

Danielle Grubisich AKA kiD-Dee .
I am a Drum and Bass Dj with Come Correct sound crew.
I moved to calgary about 4 years ago, and have found my place in the iconic Dnb scene we have in this beautiful city:)

How did you get into Drum & Bass? What encouraged you to start DJing?

I first got into drum and bass about 4 years ago when i moved to Calgary. I have always liked DnB but was never fully consumed by it like i am now. The scene here is crazy awesome, and everything from the variety of styles, to the people really drew me in.
After going to shows almost every weekend, and being really intrigued with mixing itself, and specifically mixing dnb i knew i wanted to be able to mix my favourite tracks together and make awesome melodies
like the DJs i seen every weekend. I had one “Lesson” with my gf Mittz, where she taught me the basics, and literally two weeks later i had all my own gear and was jamming every second i could.

What can you tell us about your Noctilux Mix? How did it come together?

For this mix i really wanted to stick with the Noctilux vibes, but at the same time obviously have my style and flow in it. A lot of half time tracks and rollers with kind of a gangster esk which i felt appropriate for this series.
I think listeners that don’t love DnB will be able to get down, and i definitely wanted to appeal to the noctilux crews following, which is why i went the more minimal direction with it.

What have you got coming up for the next few months? Where can we expect to see you play out?

Not a lot going on these next few months with festival season just around the corner. I will be playing at Waynefest this year so you can catch me there. And there is a few of Come Corrects monthly residencys that i may be playing at as well as
some unannounced shows, but you can except to see allot of me this winter !

Who are some of your favourite Producers or DJ’s at the moment?

Right now I’m obsessed with Skpetical as I’m sure you can tell in this mix lol i just can’t get enough of his style and his producing skills are on fire.
lots of DLR lately too, Philth is a huge one as well! Saxxon, Voltage!! And on the other end of Dnb Mad love for GUV, Hedex always on point with production!

Any final words or shoutouts?

I would like to give a shout out to my girl Andee ’Mittz’ Fowler for showing me the ropes and constantly inspiring me and teaching me :)
Also my wife, my best friend, and partner in crime Ella Lynch.. wouldn’t be the same not having you beside me through this crazy journey I’m on <3 

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