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A Calgary based Collective of DJ's, Producers and Graphic Artists.

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It starts with sound, stripped back to it's simplest form. Melodies layered over drum loops and the like, music built from the ground up. Now we merge atmosphere, artistry, technique, culture, hardware, and sonic vibration to create an impossibly perfect phenomenon - this is more than bass music- it’s a meticulously curated experience. While our collective arsenal of affiliated acts and artists boasts diversity and fortitude, we maintain the common design of quality. From the initial inklings of creation, to the studio, your dancefloor, your auditory cortex, we’re focused on impeccable delivery of a consummate product. 




Music to us is intended to challenge. Encapsulating feeling and comprehension and putting them forth unified. The curation of the sounds is held in the highest esteem. Combining everything together for the maximum enjoyment of the music. Mindful of the vibe we create. Unified between four walls creating a reaction to all individual bodies and minds. It can be the same emotion but interpreted through hundreds of people individually. This is the beauty of Sound system music, it is what you make it of it. Your reaction to it is your own and nobody can take that away from you. Noctilux offers that outlet. To challenge and inspire along with the atmosphere and drive to create.